Geno joined SV YACHTS in June 2018 as partner and Vice-President.

As a successful business owner and commercial diver with 37 years of experience in the yachting and marine industry, he has worked with high profile clients such as: SpaceX, the US Navy, the US Coast Guard, and countless mega, super and giga yachts from all around the world.
In 2015, Geno was asked by CNN to cover the Air Asia flight 8501 air disaster in the Java Sea as a Special Correspondent.  Having taken on projects in Haiti, Japan, and being a first responder after natural disasters around the world, Geno is always up for a challenge. When Hurricane Harvey passed through the eastern seaboard of Texas, Geno and his team were some of the first responders to assist in relief efforts. 
Geno resides in Fort Lauderdale with his wife and daughter and enjoys everything that South Florida has to offer including being in the center of the yachting industry.
Welcome, Geno, to SV YACHTS!
For 2019, we have further developed and improved our model “ALPHA”. Besides the many new standard features and available optional equipment, we have taken on the task of adding a stepped bottom for every hull going forward.
In close cooperation with Doug Wright and High Tech Composites, we have created a two-step running surface specifically for “ALPHA. All of the knowledge and experience that went into this project came directly from Doug’s many years of experience as one of the top names in offshore racing.
lines of the hull while getting the performance result we were set on.
After having the step-inserts precision tooled at Doug Wrigh’s facility, they were permanently bonded to “ALPHA’s” molds to be used for all future hulls of this model.

“The Doug Wright hulls have accelerated into the offshore racing weapon of choice for several top competitors on the Superboat Stock Class national and UIM XCAT international circuits including multi-titled Gary Ballough.

As founder and President, Nikolai Sass explains: “We contracted Doug to design a state-of-the-art running surface with minimal but effective steps. We didn’t want anything exaggerated and pretentious, but instead wanted to focus on keeping the clean

Top Image: Geno retrieving the SpaceX Casule “Dragon” that was launched by Falcon 9.

July was a busy month for everyone at SV YACHTS. We have moved into our new 18,000 square foot facility on the New River in beautiful Fort Lauderdale. Located on the water with a 15-ton travel lift and plenty of docking space, we have set up our new base in the heart of the yachting world.

Over the next months we will be modernizing this great new location to fit our production needs as well as adding a materials show room and expanding more production bays to facilitate our space requirements going forward.

Visit us at FLIBS from:
OCTOBER 31. - NOVEMBER 04. 2018
DOCK B-235
Max Showker and his team have been with SV YACHTS since 2016. Designing, developing and building some of our unmistakable prototype components.

After studying mechanical engineering, business and industrial design, Max launched a robotic cutting business in 2009. Almost a decade later, after adapting his services and skills through multiple endeavors, he has gathered a team of other creative and outgoing designers with fabrication skills to serve clients from the marine industry to custom production gear and everything in between.

Max Showker: "At Design Create, we are, at our core, a product development and custom fabrication company, with a focus on design for manufacturing, prototyping, and CNC machining, on up to 5-axis. We help our clients develop cutting-edge designs, prototypes and products to keep their businesses ahead of the competition.”

DESIGN CREATE, aspires to be the most forward-thinking design agency in South Florida. It is a one-stop shop for everything from design and development to prototyping and innovation. They are constantly growing their 5-axis CNC mold-making and composite tooling technology to exceed the capabilities of other design firms in the marine and aerospace industries in their area.